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Friday, September 13, 2013


I'd like to consider myself pretty fearless when it comes to fashion.  I definitely like to push the boundaries and will never commit to just one style.  As New York Fashion Week came to an end yesterday, I wanted to share with you some of the most fabulous Spring 2014 collections to hit the runway.  From 60's mod inspired dresses to our own beloved EDM funky festival fashion, I found something for every occasion... Red Carpet to RAVE Ready!!!

The Blonds Spring 2014 RTW

To view the entire collection Click It

Jeremy Scott Spring 2014 RTW


To view the entire collection Click It

Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 RTW

To view the entire collection Click It

Thom Browne Spring 2014 RTW

"Welcome to the fashion world’s “insane asylum,” or just another figment of Thom Browne’s surreal, dark imagination brought to life in the form of a runway show. Padded white walls, headless papier-mâché cadavers hanging from the ceiling, and an eerie music-box tune playing on a loop set the scene until a woman’s hysterical laughter cued the start of the show. The models—with their flyaway gray nest of hair, caked white faces, and smeared red Joker-esque lips—streamed out in intricate only-white outfits that included starched high collars, exaggerated hourglass tailoring, latex gloves, and stockings. Feminine pearls, lace, pleats, and fur covered these looks, and the origami-esque patterns and voluminous structuring only added to the drama of “romanticism” in a grisly nightmare."  Click here to read the full story from

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