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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The most important thing in life is to be yourself...  Unless you can be Batman.  Always be Batman.

First on the list of good-doer's is a former firefighter and a co-worker ran into a burning house to see if anyone needed saving.  As it turns out… someone did — the family’s cat.  It had become trapped inside and its owners out of town.  As if this act of heroism wasn't enough, these two did it with a bit of extra pizzazz and style; they carried out their heroics in full-on costume, Batman and Captain America to be exact.  The dynamic-duo belong to an organization called Heroes 4 Hire, which uses superhero’s to spread positive messages to children.  

One fine day, kids at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh woke up to a super-awesome surprise: a clan of superheroes hanging outside the building cleaning their windows.  It was Spiderman, Captain America, Superman, and of course… BATMAN.  

The Slovak town of Dunajska Streda, in South America also has a Batman of their very own.  This version wears a homemade Batman costume.  A former petty criminal, he decided to change his ways and took to the streets of his town to fight crime and help the elderly cross streets.  This Batman believes it is his calling in life to improve the life of the people in his community.  

A thirty-two-year- old from Harbor Springs, Michigan – member of the crime-prevention group called “The Michigan Protectors” – wears the getup as a means to draw attention to his cause.  “The Petoskey Batman” however, was arrested recently after police discovered him dangling from a roof; apparently he had been chased by a group of people.  He was charged with trespassing and carrying dangerous weapons, which included chemical spray, lead-lined gloves, and his trusty baton.  While on probation, he is not allowed to wear his Batman costume. 

An Adam West era Batman in Northern England made a special delivery to West Yorkshire Police.  Batman apprehended and dropped off another man wanted for handling stolen goods.  There didn’t appear to be any struggle, maybe the fugitive was amused by the fact he had indeed been busted by a giant bat.  

This Batman impersonator is no Joker!  A retired police officer from Sao Paulo, Brazil opted to return to crime fighting, but not to his former position as police captain, instead he… is BATMAN.  Taking on the new roll as community superhero, he helps fight crime by teaching local children the harms of criminal activity.

Following the premise of NBC’s “To Catch a Predator,” three teenagers from Chilliwack, British Columbia set-up their own sting operation… Super Friend Style.  These caped crusaders arranged to meet several would-be pedophiles in public places using the internet.  Once the poor bastards showed up, the teenagers — wearing Batman and Flash costumes — video taped the men and proceeded to harass the hell out of them, eventually uploading the videos to YouTube, which have since been removed.   

Saving the best getup for last... This Maryland Batman even has a Batmobile - a black Lamborghini adorned with Batman logos – and makes trips to Children’s Hospitals to visit sick children.  His suit is a heavy leather and neoprene costume that he had professionally made and he carries two large bags filled with Batman books, symbol bracelets and other various Batman toys.  When asked where Robin is at, he replies “Home studying for the SATs.” bahahaha ha ha ha... good-one Bruce.

While this next one doesn't wear a suit, he definitely deserves a mention.  This hardcore Batman fan from Connecticut is having a $2 Million dollar Batcave constructed in his house, which will double as a home theater.  Check out these awesome pics and Click Here to read the full-story.

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