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Wednesday, December 30, 2015




Concealed under a cloak of secrecy, Bass Cadets is the combined talent of two infamous bass music artists. This enigmatic genre-mixing duo is traversing the stars with their signature hardcore sound and basslines. Amidst crowd-firing samples punctuated by booming bass, these warriors harness the power of the stars and unleash the primordial force on unsuspecting bass enthusiasts with energy-wielding performances that defy laws and transport fans at warp speed into a basso continuo.

Bass Cadets and their bass-faring alter egos of cosmic origins are currently in the studio constructing their empire of new music to be released later this year. There’s been massive hype building behind the pair’s first project, which is a self-titled debut studio album featuring an onslaught of mind-bending beats and thunderous bass.

Exploring every sub-genre of bass, their mix of resonant tracks will take you bass traveling to bizarre new worlds. The icon incarnation, which is Bass Cadets, is energy redefined.
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