Debbie Apiheiress MUST HAVES: SKULL ARMCHAIR by FRENCH DESIGNER HAROLD SANGOUARD ~ bee-uty & the beat | (EDM) electronic dance music, fashion, gadgets & more

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Definitely going to need this in my castle someday.  

Skull Armchair is an ominously powerful looking piece of furniture by French designer Harold Sangouard, aka Harow, that seems fit for anyone interested in comfort as they plot sinister moves. Consisting of a black gloss resin exterior sitting atop a steel internal frame, the Skull Chair is a geometric, stylized take on the human skull. It is a clever mixture of fine furniture and sculpture brutal- skull and chair are linked in a sculptural equilibrium.

May be gaudy or awesome, horrible or pretty, vanguardist or Louis XV, Conan the Barbarian or futuristic design, but there’s something about it that hypnotizes your mind. Measuring over 40 inches, this chair is an imposing piece of furniture. More than just a unique design, the chair features plush foam cushioning covered in luxurious black velvet. The Skull Armchair is manufactured to order, taking 8 weeks to produce. Made by hand, each piece (in black or gold) is a unique work. What do you think are the interiors best suited for this design? Would you consider having it in your home? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Harold Sangouard.]

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