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Friday, June 14, 2013


Ready to kick you in the teeth with informal recklessness are Goon Squad.  Sluggo, Point.Blank, and CRIMES!, three accomplished producers with bookings all over the world unite forces this year to lay down some true Trap Bangers. Throaty bass, big 808’s, snapping hi-hats wrapped in some funky beats with well-placed samples make this collaboration come together.

Their first EP “Twerk” clearly outlines Goon Squad's combined past, present and future. The rhythmic diversity of the EP that reeks of anarchy and violence includes six tracks that feature each artist’s raw talent and passion.  The mayhem includes equal parts hard hitting bass, raspy snares, hip-hop beats and electronic music.  “TWERK” received the approval from Steve Aoki, C.E.O. of Dim Mak Records, and is one of the most anticipated EP’s of the year.  Goon Squad will follow the release of the EP with a North American Tour.

With knives sharpened and guns blazing, Goon Squad stands on the cusp of another electronic revolution and the newest iteration of EDM to infiltrate the scene with their EP “Twerk”.

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